We are Thankful for you!

At Royal Transportation group of Orlando we understand theres no greater sacrifice than to serve our country, you are the true heros. We proudly serve those who protect our country.

We proudly offer 30% any trip to any Military: active duty, retirees, Veterans, military spouses as well as First responders: police, fire, and EMTs with Royal transportation group as a small gesture of support and appreciation for those who serve our country to make the world we live in a better place. There is true heroism in those who serve our city and country. All of us at Royal transportation group thank you for your service.

We can not thank you enought for your bravery, we offer special services with every occasion in our limousines and other vehicles that can be accomodated for our heros.For any questions or comments about our discount to those who serve, call or email us anytime. 

Call today to recieve your discount

Discounts may be accquired by calling our 24 hour toll free phone line (407)-855-2555

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